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Hazard Tree Evaluations • Tree Removal


Tree_Service_PuyallupHazard trees are trees that are likely to fail, injure, or damage homes, utility lines, cars, or people. Hazard trees are often reported for being too close to someone’s home, but citizen reports of hazard trees are not always acknowledged, and neighbors can ignore such reports.

Many of the hazards of oversized trees can be alleviated through early detection and assurance of a good environment for their health.

At Knotty Tree Service, our Certified Arborists provide hazard tree evaluations, giving you solid evidence in court. If damage occurs from a neighbor’s tree, our report will hold your neighbor liable for damages. The court system respects the Arborist certification, and our track record for reliable and valid assessments of hazard trees. Hazard treeevaluations take many factors into account:

  • History: Construction activity damage, change of grade or drainage, torn limbs, or topped trunks can lead to a weakened structure.
  • Signs of Decay: Dieback and decay in limbs trunk, roots, or crown is a sign of danger.
  • Recent Exposure: Trees situated at the edge of a newly cleared open space are not accustomed to the elements of wind and sun.
  • Root System: Failure of roots can be devastating. Healthy roots usually spread uniformly and are expansive, providing support, water, and nutrients. Some species of tree are susceptible to fungal infections.
  • Environmental Conditions: Trees in unstable environments, such as wet soils or significant slopes, can fail. Competition with other trees and plants for water and nutrients will weaken the tree.


Hazard tree evaluations document any damages to your property. Hazard tree evaluations can raise awareness, so injuries and damages can be avoided.