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Wood Chipping


Pierce_County_tree_cutting_serviceHave you done some work at your house with wood, and are now left over with a heaping pile of branches?  Without a wood chipper, properly disposing of these branches can be a hassle. Un-chipped wood creates a large amount of waste and can only be disposed of in multiple loads.

At Knotty Tree Service, we’ll bring our wood chipper to your property to chip your wood into small, 1” chips, to reduce your volume of waste in seconds. Our personnel are trained, insured, and receive ongoing training in wood chipping.

Wood chipping will ease your concerns:

  • Keeps your property clean
  • Removes the unwanted remnants of tree removal, pruning or landscape project
  • Turn branches and tree debris into usable mulch for your garden area.


Contact Knotty Tree Service today to schedule a time for us to visit your property and clean it up with wood chipping.



Compost and Mulch


Tree_Removal_PuyallupThere is an added benefit to using Knotty Tree Service for your wood chipping needs: compost and mulch for your garden!  

Mulches are an excellent way of:

  • Controlling weeds
  • Clearing ground
  • Moderating soil temperature
  • Retaining moisture during dry weather
  • Reducing the need for watering
  • Saving labor for you, the gardener


For the complete package of service, call us at Knotty Tree Service for your wood chipping needs. With us, you’ll also be provided with wonderful, garden-friendly compost and mulch.